A study of unlearning IT Instruments in health organization

University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för datavetenskap, fysik och matematik, DFM

Abstract: Nothing has been that consistent as the change is for the knowledge revolution to nourish and cultivate. Different forms of changes are occurring in organizations with the aim to improve the output performances. Health organizations have been more attached to the changes and the consequences that are brought with such changes. Such consequences are primarily connected with concepts of unlearning and learning. Any form of the change if initiated in organization asks for new routines learning, tasks conductions and the organizational cultural revolution. These new routines have been occurring at individual and organizational levels. The unlearning at any level in the organizational culture can be performed through investigating a primary connection between the organizational and individual routines. At the individual level unlearning brings a number of psychological, cognitive, social and moral hurdles. These hurdles at individual level basically help the organizational unlearning to occur. All of the routines occurring at individual level encompass the necessary information that goes from lower levels to upward, strengthening and holding the organizational memory firm. This research was about to find how the health organizations unlearn the older practices and learn the new practices in IT change. This research had two streams i) finding whether there had been any connection between the organizational and individual unlearning in the cases of IT change, ii) For unlearning what kind of hurdles had been there at the individual level. Kalmar hospital pediatric department had been chosen for the empirical investigations. The research streams were about how and what parts which helped the researcher to go for the qualitative data gathering techniques. The Results showed there had been a very thin connectivity between the organizational and individual unlearning. The results revealed and unfolded that many of the new learning are occurring simultaneously with discarding the older ways of practices. The impression of absorbing the change with respect to the unlearning had been varied from person to person. There had been a numbers of individual hurdles observed at individual level of unlearning. Apart from them, many individual routines (performative tasks) had the primary connectivity with the organizational routines (Ostensive routines) and shaping and reshaping of the organizational memory. It is important to understand the unlearning notions with the type of change. In this research each of the interviewee had shared his thoughts of how the things could have been done differently by revealing the consequences with new learning. Literature suggests that for a profound and successful implementation of change more formal and informal trainings, clear strategy for shuffling the older individuals in the camp, more social and cognitive meetings and fast and quick actions in the cases of technical difficulties are to be taken.                                          

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