Linear Modeling of DFIGs and VSC-HVDC Systems

University essay from KTH/Elektrisk energiomvandling


Recently, with growing application of wind power, the system based on the doubly fedinduction generator (DFIG) has become the one of the most popular concepts. Theproblem of connecting to the grid is also gradually revealed. As an effective solution toconnect offshore wind farm, VSC-HVDC line is the most suitable choice for stabilityreasons. However, there are possibilities that the converter of a VSC-HVDC link canadversely interact with the wind turbine and generate poorly damped sub-synchronousoscillations. Therefore, this master thesis will derive the linear model of a single DFIG aswell as the linear model of several DFIGs connecting to a VSC-HVDC link. For thelinearization method, the Jacobian transfer matrix modeling method will be explainedand adopted. The frequency response and time-domain response comparison betweenthe linear model and the identical system in PSCAD will be presented for validation.

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