Location tracing from communicatingav ailable satellites

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Abstract: This paper represents the android mobile application which is built to track thelast position of the user through satellites which are available for communication.Today mobile applications are becoming an important role in our daily lives andthere is an app for everything you imagine. This app was focusing to get thedevice location with available satellites if internet connection in the device andwith telephone network when there is no internet connection in the device.The main idea of this application was give help to the every women a helpin dangerous situations, whenever the user triggers the alert icon on the androidapplication it creates communication between satellite and database. As androidusers increasing day by day this application gives the security for women in dangerous situations. If there is an internet connection in the android device it usesavailable GNSS satellites to send position of the device otherwise. If the internetconnection was not stable in the device then it sends the location through a shortmessage service (SMS) it gives more reliability for users to use this application.Ifthe internet in the android device was stable then the database server automatically updates the position of the user in google sheets. This information givesthe exact position of the user in dangerous situations. As there are so manyother application with same working function this application was different fromall others. This application has some unique features in it, as it stores the everynew location of the user for every 5minutes this tells the exact location of theuser.This application uses the all available GNSS satellites to get the location ofthe user

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