Accumulation of energy in autonomous power plants using renewable energy sources

University essay from KTH/Skolan för industriell teknik och management (ITM)

Abstract: Kiljanov G.M. Energy storage in autonomous power plants using renewable energy sources, 2017 - p.104, 11 tables, 40 pic. Head Bessel V.V., Professor, Ph.D. Department of Thermodynamics and Thermal Engines. An analysis of existing energy storage devices in the world is carried out. The scientific and technical basis of energy storage. The device and the operating principle of an autonomous combined power plant with an energy storage device are considered. On the basis of the technological calculation, an optimal combination of a wind generator, a system of solar panels and a reservoir, which can provide reliable and uninterrupted power generation, was chosen. The economic efficiency of the project on the use of combined medium power plants at gas production facilities in remote areas was estimated. Conclusions are drawn about the advisability of introducing energy systems based on renewable sources with energy storage devices at the country's enterprises.

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