Intradyne Signal Recovery and Equalization for Optical Satellite Links

University essay from KTH/Rymd- och plasmafysik

Author: Philip Conroy; [2017]

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Abstract: An optical communication system employing intradyne reception withoffline digital signal processing for a geostationary satellite communicationscenario is presented. The digital signal processing is improvedvia the implementation and comparison of several timing recovery algorithms,and the inclusion of an equalization stage. The system istested over a 10.45 km link through the atmosphere, in which 40 Gbit/stransmission using binary phase shift keying in the optical C-band isdemonstrated. Results show that the system’s performance in the fieldclosely matches back-to-back measurements. Simultaneous channelmeasurements show that turbulence in the atmospheric channel representsa worst-case scenario for a geostationary satellite uplink.

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