The Design Of A Check In Application For User Safety : Development of a user centered application, adapted to a wide user group with the purpose of specific location human activity forecasting

University essay from Luleå tekniska universitet/Institutionen för ekonomi, teknik, konst och samhälle

Abstract: The covid-19 pandemic initiated this master thesis project. The pandemic has spread globally causing a lot of fear and uncertainty. We noticed the big shift in people’s daily routines, with the current state being that many individuals are stuck at home, scared to go outside, scared to meet with family members that are within the risk group. The future is very uncertain, people not knowing when society will return to normal. To provide people with a sense of safety, a tool for an easier daily routine, the feeling of more control in their daily lives, an opportunity to help others. These are all purposes that embody the reason for this master thesis.The goal of this master thesis project is to develop a digital prototype of an application concept. The application’s purpose is to provide users with insight of high activity areas of people in their vicinity or specific locations, to hopefully result in the user feeling more in control and hence more safe. The workflow used in this project is based on design thinking, using experience gained from the industrial design engineering program combined with research on the topic of user interfaces to develop and test the concept. The focus of the research in this thesis is placed heavily on usability and graphic design.The process was divided into phases following the process of design thinking, with potential users included in every phase. From interviews, questionnaires and personas during the first phase of context immersion to workshops during the second phase, ideation, to finally usability testing during the third phase, implementation. To ensure that the needs of the user were always focused on throughout the entirety of this master thesis we included potential users in each phase of the project. During the different phases, Tensaii AB provided guidance on decisions made by us, as well as provided feedback on specific methods and results presented during the weekly meetings.The result of this master thesis is an application prototype, the design based on all the data gained from participants and collected literature. A design that, through a high level of usability, enables a wider group of users to easily use it. The concept was named Milocus, translated from Latin to ”my place”. An application that through a check in function can collect data about activity in different areas. The application clearly shows the activity to the user through three categories, calm, busy and very busy. The color choices and design of the application were made using the online tool Material Design.

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