Cloud Computing : Evaluation, as a platform for Scania Architecture

University essay from Mittuniversitetet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi och medier

Abstract: Cloud computing has been given a great deal of attention during recent years. Almost all the technology market leaders and leading hosting service providers (like IBM, Microsoft and Verizon) have entered into the Cloud market as Cloud Providers. Cloud computing promises to provide highly available, secure, low cost, agile and highly scalable solution to the consumers. Scania is a global company and one of the world’s leading heavy vehicle manufacturers with 35,000+ employees. All the large organizations such as Scania, aim to constantly update themselves with the latest technology in order to meet their business requirements but, these organizations must always be convinced that there is a strong reason(s) to implement new technology. This research provides the method and criteria in relation to initiating Cloud computing. A number of Scania’s specific business requirements that it is possible to map to the Cloud are addressed in this thesis. The methodology of research is split in two parts. Firstly, the identification of business cases at Scania and their requirements with the Cloud and Secondly, the evaluation and comparison of the functionalities and capabilities of different vendors. The accumulated data is then compared and suitable vendors, according to those business requirements are suggested. This thesis also shares the experience of moving on premise applications to the Cloud. These are Scania specific applications which are currently being hosted in-house. The research also addresses the possibilities of portability between the Cloud providers. Although there is no standardization in relation to Cloud computing, some initiatives such as OpenStack are available and its current position and some application and data migration tools are also discussed. The thesis concludes with a general discussion, recommendations in relation to adapting Cloud computing and selecting the Cloud provider. This recommendation applies to every organization including Scania.

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