Analysis of internal communication at a transport company

University essay from Institutionen för teknik och naturvetenskap; Tekniska högskolan

Author: Pantea Sara Davidsson; [2005]

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Abstract: Lack of an existing communication system was the reason for this assignment that has been ordered by JAB Shipping AB (JAB) It is a transport company that is in need of a custom made communication system to be able to achieve the best service and to be able to lower the cost of the subcontractors. The assignment is aimed at analyzing the business using the change analysis (SIM-method) and to develop requirements of a communications system. In this report the deficiencies of the existing system are described as well as the needs and desired functions for the new system. Requirements for the new system are also covered and how PocketMobile Communications AB used the requirements. The report ends with a conclusion of how the new system has improved the business. This bachelor thesis has documented the development of the requirements and how they were transformed into a fully functioning web-based booking and communication system that met all the requirements of JAB:s transport services.

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