Urbana grönytors bidrag till välbefinnande och stadsklimat

University essay from SLU/Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management (from 130101)

Abstract: In this master thesis, I have studied the beneficial effects that nature has on the urban climate and our well-being – and why it has an effect on us, as well as sustainable urban planning and ecosystem services. How can we preserve and contribute to biodiversity, and the urban ecosystem services that is necessary to secure the ecological links in cities? To answer the questions, the regional council of Scania County and Lund’s municipality have been surveyed to find out how the work of green infrastructure looks like in practice at a regional and municipal level. Their work is compared to EU:s requirements and directives on the work of green infrastructure. Today, cities are expanding fast, and it is resulting in a loss of urban green space and nature. At the same time, cities are becoming increasingly vulnerable to environmental changes such as droughts, floods, heat stress, extremely cloud-burst and other natural disasters. A loss of nature means not only a vulnerability to environmental changes in cities, but it has negative effects of urban people’s wellbeing as well. It also results in loss of biodiversity which is important for all ecosystem services. How can we, as planners, design for a sustainable city? What is a sustainable city development?

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