Value Proposition in Oversea Study Agency industry - A case study of Huashi oversea study agency

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

Abstract: Background and purpose: With globalization development, education cooperation and competition among countries are becoming more and more frequent, which makes many students want to go abroad for further study to learn more professional knowledge. China is a country with the largest number of students studying abroad, promoting the development of oversea study agencies. However, as more and more companies enter the industry regardless of their qualifications, the uneven quality of services has led to a decline in customer satisfaction for many companies. The value proposition canvas is a tool that can help a company provide products or services that correctly matches the needs of its customers. The purpose of the research is to make use of the value proposition canvas in order to make the value proposition more explicit and find suitable ways in which the company can further develop its business.Methodology: The research conducted qualitative research by the inductive approach. The research used a single case study and collaborated with Huashi oversea study agency to get a thorough understanding of the research questions. Thus, the research made two interview guides for the case company and their customers and conducted eight semi-structured interviews. In addition, the thematic analysis was used in the research to analyze data by dividing the interview content into different codes.Findings and conclusion: The findings and conclusions summarized the value proposition canvas from the interviews, as well as some suggestions on customer profile about how to improve its services. The conclusions focus on customer needs to create value, extend services to make sure that the scope of the company's services should be able to cover the needs of customers, and enhance communication with customers.

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