PENALTY AREA - The Experience of Punishment

University essay from IT-universitetet i Göteborg/Tillämpad informationsteknologi

Abstract: In this thesis work, I tried to explain my recent art practice by discussing my previousand recent projects.In my exhibition project, I summarized my work process involving space and public. Iworked with computer keyboard keycaps in public spaces. I used keycaps as a medium inorder to write sentences in public places. In a way, my work tries to associate the publicwith public space. After all experiences I wanted to keep working with keycaps andexpress my idea within a wider context.The exhibition place in Röda Sten was big influence to realize my work. There are bigbricked up windows that are painted black and facing outside. They reminded me ofblackboards, like those in used old schools in the did days. I chose to work onpunishment when I saw the Röda Sten windows. Another important factor was thelocation of the exhibition place. The place is surrounded by much graffiti. I decided touse both inside and outside of the building. Those windows and my blackboardpunishment idea provided a perfect combination for my project. I also wanted to make aconnection between the exhibition place’s environment and my work.I got permission to make stencils on the exhibition place even though, it is still forbiddento make stencils or graffiti in public spaces in Sweden. The title of my work PenaltyArea also fit perfectly with this contradiction.

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