Breaking the Barriers of Internationalization through Marketing : An exploratory study of INVs' marketing approach

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen; Uppsala universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen


This thesis explores how the resources of marketing capabilities, business networks, and financial resources, influence the marketing approach of international new ventures. Building on the resource based view, the market entry of firms and how they compete is analyzed by exploring the resources and capabilities of INVs. By using a qualitative research method, this thesis identifies the three resources of marketing capabilities, business networks, and financial resources to be highly influential for INVs’ marketing approach. Also there has been shown to be a synergetic effect between the resources, and that the cross-industrial and cross-business type sampling did not entail any divergences, but rather similar patterns. Four main findings can be identified as a result of our analysis. First, market knowledge prior to internationalization is shown to be key. Second, the creation of trust through transparency in business networks spark business network opportunities and long-term relationships. Third, utilizing technological tools for marketing endeavors becomes highly efficient. Fourth, tackling financial limitations through the implementation of a low-cost strategy is shown to be essential. The findings of this research has great potential of contributing to managerial practice when working with marketing aspirations, as well as being a starting point for future research in the field of INVs and the resource based view theory. The study has limitations in regards to the scope of the research.

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