Implementation of match-making portal

University essay from Växjö universitet/Matematiska och systemtekniska institutionen; Växjö universitet/Matematiska och systemtekniska institutionen

Abstract: In this project-collaboration between Växjö University and Sideum company- a matchmakingportal is designed. This portal’s purpose is to ease the communication betweenVäxjö university’s students who are interested in doing their final thesis/project in anenvironment outside the university and companies which have some appropriatethesis/projects for these students and would like their projects to be done by them.There are different kinds of users that have different roles on this portal. The majorusers are students and companies which take the most advantage of this website.Once a student registers her name and completes her profile, she will receive emailscontaining information about uploaded projects on the portal by companies, which aresuitable according to what she already has mentioned in her profile. She can also searchherself to find her desired project as soon as companies upload their projects on the portal.On the other hand companies can search to find students who meet their requirements.Administrators of the portal are able to do match-making between students andcompanies. They access to every part of the portal and have right to edit, delete, change,upload, making reports and supervise the system.Other groups are guests of system. Guests are users of the system who are not registeredyet, they will not receive any email about uploaded thesis/projects on the portal but theycan search for them, themselves.

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