Simple Indoor Environmental Monitoring System for Houseplant using Web and Mobile Applications

University essay from KTH/Skolan för kemi, bioteknologi och hälsa (CBH)

Abstract: In recent times, attention to the indoor plants in the houses has increased, which can be used to produce food or just for decoration and for health purposes. However, moving plants from their original place in nature to a closed place leads to negative effects due to changing environmental parameters around them. For instance, fluctuations in temperature, light, and soil moisture might affect indoor plant growth process. This work investigates the possibility of using the smart mobile and web applications to monitor remotely the most of changing environmental parameters around plants. These parameters can give the user the real-time information on air temperature and humidity, soil temperature and moisture, as well as amount of light. The Top-down method has been used to design a monitoring system to help the user keep informed of indoor climate changes. This system contains Raspberry and some sensors that are used in sensing various environmental conditions. It also includes the software component which defines services and actions to be taken on the data collected by sensing objects. The system is tested and evaluated in the indoor environment to prove the required concepts. The results indicated that web and mobile interfaces transfer data in real-time manner and send environmental information to the user. The data collected is visualized by different charts and figures to give a better understanding of the surrounding conditions in which the plant grows. It is concluded that the proposed system provides a user-friendly monitoring application to monitor the most indoor environmental parameters. 

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