Social Networks : Creating Organizational Benefits out of an Online Conversation

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Industriell teknik; Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för teknikvetenskaper

Abstract: Scania is increasing its production by improving its efficiency. The company is striving to achieve its new productivity goals without making large investments. In large organizations such as Scania there are many competent and skilled employees. However, since many of their offices are located worldwide communication is not always efficient and optimal. The purpose of this thesis is to show the potential benefits when implementing and operating online social networks within global organizations including Scania. Through empirical studies of global organizations which have utilized online social networks for a relatively long period this study intends to collect information which can help generate knowledge about the implementation and operation of online social networks. Our research revealed that important aspects of the implementation of an organization's online social network are knowledge management, dissemination, social ties and links between micro-and macro-networks. Thereby we concluded that online social networks lead to the creation of benefits for the individual as well as for the organization. Based on the theoretical framework and empirical evidence gathered in this study, we have concluded that an implemented model of an online social network fosters such benefits as improved communication channels and increased efficiency in the workplace.

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