Utvärdering av utbildning om attityder och beteenden inom ETTdemo-projektet

University essay from SLU/School for Forest Management

Author: Erik Berglund; [2014]

Keywords: ST-Lastbil; föredöme; Skogsforsk;

Abstract: This is a thesis report from SLU in Skinnskatteberg, the Swedish university of agricultural sciences. This study is an evaluation of a course in attitudes and behavior for participants of the ETT- project led by Skogforsk, the forestry research institute of Sweden. They do research for the benefit of Swedish forestry. The ETT-project is a project where there are both 74 tons ST-trucks and 90 tons ETT-trucks in test on the public roads. This study is concentrated on the ST-trucks and their drivers, company owners and logistics managers. The evaluation is done by interviews with the various participants. The interviews are made with the drivers in the truck, while the company owners have been interviewed at the local café. The logistics managers have been interviewed by phone. Most of the respondents are pleased with the course, but there are a few things they think are missing or are unnecessary. That means that the course has been given a good review. The subjects that the participators think are missing are mostly facts about the truck and its characteristics. The most important result from the study is that the drivers consider themselves very good in their profession. They are aware of their role as ambassadors for the brand and the project. They consider themselves as role models for other drivers. This means that the goal with the course has been reached.

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