How To Sell A Product : Solo Folk Singing, Personal Branding and Spiritual Journey

University essay from Kungl. Musikhögskolan/Institutionen för folkmusik

Abstract: In this thesis I ́m trying to to find out whether we need to make our art into a product and I am using myself and my career as an example of a product. I wanted to use the word “product” in a positive way and inspire people to think about music management and personal branding as something they could use as a tool when working with something creative. I ́m writing about my own journey as a folk musician and solo artist and wish to turn something personal into something common and shared. ! I approached my research question “How much of a product would you have to be in order to be a successful artist at the Nordic folk music scene?” from three angels. Firstly, I ́ve gathered information that I have from my years as a freelance musician. Secondly, I interviewed a few professionals, and finally I read a lot of material and wrote about the basics of music business and working life of a folk musician in the Nordic countries. My theory is that we ́re all selling a product when selling our music and playing for money, that is why we need to know this product, love and respect it and have a need to share it. I believe that finding your artistic me is a spiritual journey and when you start searching for your “core” you ́ll become a better musician since you ́re getting better in recognising and handling your own emotions. I ́m trying to diminish the polarisation between music business and being a genuine artist. I believe that knowing your core gives you power to work better in the field which is continually changing and demands a lot. This spiritual journey into yourself is also an artistic journey and I see personal branding as a fun and inspirational tool for anyone who wants to get to know oneself and build a personal brand which is true, likeable and also selling.

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