What kind of issue is climate change really? : A qualitative study on how Argentina, Brazil and Mexico describe the climate change issue in their NDCs

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Author: Vilma Westberg; [2021]

Keywords: ;

Abstract: At this time, we know that climate change is a threat to all countries on earth and that governments are expected to take on a lot of responsibility in solving the issue. We know that framing is a tool that is frequently used by actors who want to communicate a message. What we do not know enough about is how governments make use of framing in their communication on climate change, to for example foster public engagement. This paper has answered this question by looking deeper into how three different governments describe the climate change issue with an analysis of framings based on their Nationally Determined Contributions. Through a qualitative content analysis of the documents, it was found that all three cases describe the climate change issue in terms of responsibility and economic consequences. Additional aspects of climate change that the countries focus on differ between the cases. This knowledge is important because it can help understand the challenges that governments see in fighting climate change, which can stand in the way for the global effort that is needed to fight climate change. 

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