Metsän väki - Forest Dwellers : creating a collaborative, semi-improvised performance that combines music, visual art, dance and performance art

University essay from Kungl. Musikhögskolan/Institutionen för klassisk musik

Abstract: ‘Metsän väki - Forest Dwellers’ was my Professional Integration Project (PIP). The project consisted of creating a performance titled ‘Metsän väki’, which was performed on May 9th 2016 in Helsinki, Finland and of writing this thesis. The performance was a collaboration between different artists and it involved music, visual art, dance and performance art. The starting point for creating the performance was my collaboration with sculptor and environmental artist Jenni Tieaho. In addition to traditional instruments, sounding objects were used in creating the music. There were both written and improvised music as well as improvised dance in the performance. The performance took place in a former psychiatric hospital. In the outcomes and conclusion I present my expectations for the performance and describe how those where met. I also examine the role of cross-artistic collaboration in the project. I give examples of my own artistic development as well as my development as a project leader. I also reflect on the relevance of the project to the community. The outcomes are presented through my own reflections and through discussion where I point to literature concerning the differences and similarities between different art forms. The outcomes of the project include audience feedback from the performance. This is presented in the appendices. My conclusion shows that I was also able to create a rich and diverse performance by using simple (low-tech) methods. The performance was inspired by my experiences, interests and background. In my thesis I also show how creating and structuring the ‘Metsän väki’ performance can help me to develop as an artist doing cross-artistic collaboration.

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