Comparing HTML5 frameworks when creating multi-platform mobile views in an existing MVC4 application

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för data- och informationsteknik

Author: Fredrik Björk; Niel Madlani; [2015-03-19]

Keywords: HTML5; Multi-platform; Mobile; MVC4; Framework;

Abstract: There is an increasing number of programming languages andsoftware development platforms on the contemporary mobilemarket. Developers choose to adjust to the needs for portability oftheir applications by using of multi-platform frameworks toreduce the need of rework when deploying to multiple platforms.The goal of this thesis is to identify the most suitable HTML5framework for implementing cross-platform mobile views toexisting MVC4 applications in a context of industrial applicationsat Volvo IT. The method is a case study with an implementationof a industry-representative sample solution and analysis of itsperformance, maintainability and simplicity. The results show thatone of the frameworks – JQuery Mobile is better suited thanothers for implementing applications based on MVC4.

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