The efficacy of power driven interdental tools as an addition to tooth-brushing on plaque removal and gingivitis in humans : A systematic review of randomized trials

University essay from Högskolan i Jönköping/HHJ. Oral hälsa

Abstract: Objective: To evaluate in humans the efficacy of power driven interdental cleaning tools in addition to tooth-brushing compared to tooth-brushing alone or any non-power driven interdental cleaning tool in addition to tooth-brushing on dental plaque removal and prevention of gingivitis.   Introduction: Daily mechanical self-care disruption of dental plaque is considered important for oral health maintenance. Tooth-brushing, which is the most common method for removing dental plaque, has only a marginal effect on the interdental spaces between the teeth. Therefore, special cleaning tools are necessary for plaque removal in these areas. Dental floss has long been considered “the golden standard” of interdental cleaning and is often recommended by dental health professionals. Powered interdental tools are an alternative that in certain studies have proven to be efficient on plaque and bleeding.   Method: Two internet sources (PubMed and Cochrane Central) were searched for studies investigating the efficacy of powered interdental tools on the parameters of plaque, gingivitis and bleeding in comparison to tooth-brushing only or tooth-brushing and any non-powered interdental tool. The PRISMA 2009 protocol was adopted and studies included were analysed for results and homogeneity. Bias across studies was estimated according to a protocol by SBU.   Results: 14 articles were found relevant to the research question and analysed for data on plaque, gingivitis and bleeding. Studies were grouped according to type of device investigated. The groups consisted of oral irrigation with water on patients with natural teeth or undergoing orthodontic treatment plus a group on other interdental tools. The results show that power interdental tools have a significant ability to decrease plaque, gingivitis and bleeding. 

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