A New Hands-free Face to Face Video Communication Method : Profile based frontal face video reconstruction

University essay from Umeå universitet/Institutionen för tillämpad fysik och elektronik

Abstract: This thesis proposes a method to reconstruct a frontal facial video basedon encoding done with the facial profile of another video sequence.The reconstructed facial video will have the similar facial expressionchanges as the changes in the profile video. First, the profiles for boththe reference video and for the test video are captured by edge detection.Then, asymmetrical principal component analysis is used to model thecorrespondence between the profile and the frontal face. This allows en-coding from a profile and decoding of the frontal face of another video.Another solution is to use dynamic time warping to match the profilesand select the best matching corresponding frontal face frame for re-construction. With this method, we can reconstructed the test frontalvideo to make it have the similar changing in facial expressions as thereference video. To improve the quality of the result video, Local Lin-ear Embedding is used to give the result video a smoother transitionbetween frames.

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