Accelerating Software Delivery in the context of Requirements Analysis and Breakdown for DevOps: A multiple-case study

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för data- och informationsteknik

Abstract: Requirements analysis and breakdown in agile context has numerous challenges that is yet to be addressed. The incorporation of DevOps in agile settings inherited agile re- quirements engineering related challenges. Thus, it is paramount to explore what strategies are used in the requirements engineer- ing process in agile-DevOps environment Objectives: We aim to fulfill the research gap by eliciting the current strategy applied by DevOps practitioner during requirements analysis and breakdown phase in industrial context, and explore the effect they have in practice. Ultimately, suggesting useful strategy to mitigate the impact or limitation imposed by current strategy for the purpose of accelerating software delivery. Methods: An exploratory multiple case study design using qualitative research approach was used across multiple case companies operating in agile-DevOps environment. Data was collected mainly through semi structured interviews with DevOps practitioners from five industrial cases. Results: Using thematic analysis, four different strategies were identified. The effects of each of the strategies are assessed with respect to DevOps princi- ples. From a cross-analysis of 5 company cases, five effects were identified. Negative effects of those strategies were determined in five different areas which are: delivery speed, architectural design, shared vision, requirements process, and testing. Conclusion: The proposed alternatives are suggested specifi- cally to accelerate software delivery in a DevOps environment.

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