Predictive gaze in action selection within virtual reality

University essay from Umeå universitet/Institutionen för psykologi

Abstract: The human gaze is pivotal in motion planning and control. Gaze is typically directed at visual target sites prior to physical interactions with them. This proactive gaze (PEG) behavior has been observed in a multitude of physical situations. However, PEG has not been examined in virtual reality (VR). Identification of PEG in VR could be helpful for digital human modeling applications and human-robot interactions. In this study we asked 10 participants to perform a pick-and-place (PAP) task in VR while we were tracking gaze behavior. Our results indicate that PEG also occurs in VR. Furthermore, the action to reach directly towards the PAP object or walk to it before reaching, results in different gaze strategies. Relocating before a reach is associated with gaze to additional sites, such as the floor and the table upon which the object was placed.

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