To measure organizational wellness with AI - A future competitive advantage?

University essay from Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: This study’s purpose is to contribute to increased quality when measuring organizational wellness (OW) by exploring the potential of utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI). The concept of OW consists of several factors, for instance, safety, performance, and employee wellness. Measuring these factors too seldom may not generate profound and relevant data regarding the organization’s current state. A potential solution for measuring OW more frequently is AI, which collects and analyses vast amounts of data. Therefore, this study aims to explore the potential of utilizing AI when measuring OW. The study was conducted with an inductive, qualitative research approach. We executed the data collection through semi-structured interviews and a thematic analysis approach. The following five themes were identified; Importance of measuring organizational wellness, Opportunities and challenges utilizing AI measuring organizational wellness, Awareness, GDPR, and Transparency. These five themes were analyzed and discussed together with previous research on OW and AI. In conclusion, we present the potential for utilizing AI when measuring OW as prominent. Arguably, the technical opportunities are tremendous for utilizing AI and there exists a perceived need amongst HR managers to improve their measurement processes. However, organizations need to consider legal and ethical frameworks when measuring OW. There are also factors within the concept of OW that are more or less optimal to measure with AI, depending on if they consist of soft factors. This research offers a practical implication for organizations on utilizing AI to increase the quality when measuring OW.

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