Business Development : Market research & feasibility study of a PV-wind hybrid system for commercial use

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Industriell teknik

Abstract: The definition of environmental sustainability has emerged strongly in the past decades. Industrial organizations worldwide have gone through a number of changes to take their social responsibilities and maintain sustainability by, among other things, replacing the conventional energy-based applications by renewable energy-based solutions. A so-called hybrid power system for electrification, consisting of wind turbines and solar panels, was developed by Vertical Wind AB to be installed on rooftops of residential buildings. The present thesis project analyzed the willingness of the large real estate companies in Uppsala region to adopt the new concept for electrification and conducted a market research on the new developed wind turbines, by Vertical Wind AB, in addition to solar- and wind resources in the target locations. It turned out that the willingness of having such a power system for electrification was high but not extremely high as expected and the hybrid power system was perceived as any other product or investment on the market where profitability is the vital decision parameter while the environmental aspect was slightly considered.

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