The Performance of a Relational Database System for a Data Stream Management System Benchmark

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Author: Fredrik Edemar; [2010]

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In recent years the interest in data stream management systems (DSMS) has grown. They are characterized by the processing of continuous, high-volume, and possibly time-varying data streams. Linear Road Benchmark (LRB) is an example of a datastream benchmark application that handles variable toll charges in highways in a fictional traffic system.

In this Thesis the performance of LRB implemented using the relational database MySQL is investigated. The implementation is called SCSQ-MySQL and is executed from the DSMS SCSQ. In LRB the L-rating stands for how many highways a benchmarked DSMS can handle and is used to compare the performance of DSMSs. L=0.5 (one highway in one direction) was achieved with SCSQ-MySQL executed on a single node.

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