Annonsmediers miljöpåverkan : när ska miljön få en reklampaus?

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Energy and Technology

Abstract: The aim of the thesis was to investigate energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions from an advertisement broadcasted on the radio or the television or distributed through press. The object was to calculate the amount of carbon dioxide emissions per individual receiver of an advertisement in Sweden. There was no room for a deeper investigation into editorial work within the framework of the thesis. Consequently, main focus of the radio and television study was on broadcasting itself and the components involved. Focus for the press study was on paper production, printing and distribution. Production and discarding of media equipment was not taken into account. Life cycle assessment was used to calculate the results. The different media studied were MTG Radio, TV3 and Dagens Nyheter. Similar studies show that time is an important variable when you compare different types of media.

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