Detection of Final Solidification Due to Variation of Ferrostatic Pressure during Continuous Casting

University essay from KTH/Materialvetenskap

Abstract: This paper presents an investigation on using the variation of ferrostatic pressure exerted by the molten steel in the strand to the support rolls during continuous casting to detect the location of the final solidification. The final solidification point is of high importance for applying soft reduction during continuous casting in order to ensure inner quality and achieve high productivity. The measurement was conducted at one of the casters at SSAB Oxelösund, of which all the support rolls are separately mounted. The project finds that this method shows promising results and can help to narrow down the range of the location due to certain interferences and noises. The ferrostatic pressure decrease during tail-out and the variation of whether a pressure drop exists is the dividing line of full and partial solidification. With the promising results achieved, more effort should be put to further improve the method.

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