Hur påverkar mekaniskt snytbaggeskydd, markberedning, plantstorlek och plantgödsling granplantors överlevnad och tillväxt?

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Forest Ecology and Management

Abstract: Reforestation of land entails both costs and uncertainties. Risk of pine weevil infestation, competition from other vegetation, frost and insufficient nutrient supply are some examples. The completed study has therefore investigated how mechanical pine weevil protection, plant size, soil preparation and plant fertilization can affect survival and continued growth during the first two years after planting. The effects of coating protection on growth have also been followed up, as well as the extent to which plants treated with woodcoat can assimilate manure. The hypotheses in the study were that larger plants would survive and grow better than the smaller ones. At the same time, would mechanical pine weevil protection and soil preparation lead to improved plant survival. Plant fertilization was also predicted to lead to a positive effect on continued growth. A planting experiment was established in Västerbotten's coastal region in the autumn of 2018 and 18 different experimental stages were tested. Inventory was carried out in the spring and autumn of 2019 and the autumn of 2020. Thereafter, the data material was processed and analysed in Excel and Minitab. The results showed that larger plants had higher survival and better continued growth. The study also showed great benefits with soil preparation, when analysing the proportion of dead plants. In addition, fertilization had a positive impact on continued height growth between 2019 and 2020. The results could not show any significant effects of woodcoat for the growth, but the results showed that treated plants could take benefits from fertilization. According to the results, regeneration measures can reduce damages to an acceptable level. Vitality is a significant factor throughout the experiment and the initial morphological differences are the reason why the results differ between the two plant sizes. Misleading data and damage factors, such as frost damage, has also contributed to some uncertain conclusions. The experiment could have been carried out to its advantage over a longer period with a greater geographical spread.

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