Does strategic fit result in better fitting and more successful employees?

University essay from Högskolan i Kalmar/Handelshögskolan BBS

Author: Malin Björkhem; [2008]

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At the studied company the personnel working with recruitment are not intentionally looking for a strategic fit, and the respondents were not sure if strategic fit would be beneficial for the studied company. The highest focus inthe recruitment process in this company is given to the job specific requirements and the company values. But after analysing the factors that the respondents are focusing on during the selection process, and the reasons why, my conclusion is that aiming for strategic fit is generally of interest in theselection for all positions in the studied company, although it is more relevant for some positions.

The job specific characteristics are of higher importance though. Without the technical knowledge and skills, and the personality needed to carry out a specific job the strategic fit is not of importance. Due to practical limitations you have to identify the most crucial requirements. Therefore it is necessary to prioritise the requirements to use in the selection, and in this process the strategic fit might get a lower priority and therefore fall out of the scope of the selection.

I believe that strategic fit could lead to both a higher chance of retention and to alignment with the business strategy. The connection between strategy and selection is present, at least at Borealis, through the company values. But this connection is not something that the people are aware of. I believe that it is important to be aware which factors that are affecting the selection and why. Without the awareness and conscious considerations in the choice of requirements, and in the selection, there is a higher risk of mistakes and mismatches. Strategic fit should therefore always be a part of the discussion before recruitment according to me, just like all other factors, even if the strategic fit might not have a place in the final requirements.

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