“CRISIS AND CRISIS FOR WHOM?” - A critical discourse analysis of how Swedish and British editorials framed the refugee crisis during the autumn of 2015

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Abstract: This Master thesis aims to conduct a critical discourse analysis of how Swedish and Britisheditorials covered the so-called "refugee crisis" during the autumn of 2015, specifically from Aug 1to Dec 31 st. The overall aim is to investigate the discursive construction of the crisis, which entailsinvestigating how the editorials framed the “crisis” and in what way it is a crisis: how the term wasconceptualised. By making a comparison between two countries, the aim is to get a betterunderstanding of the so-called crisis and the discursive construction surrounding it in varioussocietal contexts. Two newspapers were picked in both of the countries from the UK was The DailyTelegraph, and The Guardian picked and in Sweden was Dagens Nyheter, and Svenska Dagbladetpicked. Two theories was applied Framing theory and the securitization theory. The analysis and results showed that the editorials framed the crisis in accordance to the literature that was reviewed. More specifically, in both countries the crisis was described as being an effect ofthe excessive number of refugees that entered the European borders. The framing focused on thecrisis from a European perspective where most of the themes did not consider the perspective of therefugees. Moreover, the results show that the refugee crisis was in fact securitized due to theeditorial coverage of the crisis. Furthermore, as a consequence of concluding the aim of this paperthe result of the study will hopefully be used as a stepping stone for further research.

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