Shear strenght test device : Design of a device for testing shear strenght on winter roads

University essay from Luleå tekniska universitet/Institutionen för teknikvetenskap och matematik

Author: Gustav Fält; [2020]

Keywords: Shear strenght; Snow; Ice; Device;

Abstract: When buying a new car today customers expect that the safety systems built in the car and its tireswill do its job in every condition. This is especially important when driving on winter roads due to thedecrease in friction between the tire and the road surface. To get further understanding how snowbehaves on winter roads, knowing how the shear strength in the hard-packed snow found on winterroads changes when doing for example multiple brake test in the same tracks can be of greatimportance when designing a new, safer product. This thesis will go through the design process of anew device designed to measure shear strength in winter test tracks. The device consists of anelectric motor powered by 12 or 24 Vdc connected to a worm gear style gearbox and can measureup to 200 Nm of torque

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