Usability Testing & Evaluation of Chores in GNU/Linux for Novice

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Sektionen för Teknik (TEK)

Abstract: A challenging issue of GNU/Linux: usability has been studied in this report. Usability is considered as one of the core component in any system software. System software should be efficient, effective and satisfying for users. Different studies on usability issue have been conducted in different distros but there is no specific study on Ubuntu 8.10. Ubuntu 8.10 is considered for usability evaluation of GNU/Linux system software and a multi-phased research approach is adopted. Participants (students) from different disciplines and level are taken to conduct the usability test. The system software is evaluated on the basis of usability test results and user’s opinion. An interview is designed and conducted to validate the tested findings of the system. GNU/Linux is serving the whole community as being used by different distros. The current set of interface guidelines and default softwares used by Ubuntu does not provide efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction for novice users. It is very important aspect that software should have uniformity and complete control in applications. There is need to improve or redesign the default softwares for better usability in terms of interface, message windows, bugs and help etc for novice users.

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