En levande stadskärna?

University essay from SLU/Dept. Of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management

Abstract: This essay wants to give the reader a glimpse of a planner's situation in the development of different commercial establishments in a town. What they are influenced and directed by and also how these commercial establishments in the town borders effects the commerce and the life in the town center. This essay doesn't declare to bring up all possible aspects concerning the planner's role regarding these commercial establishments in the town borders. It wants more to give a glimpse of how the situation today can be in a municipality and what problems and driving forces a planner has to deal with. A starting-point in my work has been publications from the Swedish authority Boverket in the subject and interviews with a few planners about the commercial situation in their municipality. The commercial importance for the town center and its life is brought up. Other aspects that are discussed are national environmental quality goals, some of the municipality obligations and what is done to create a balance between commercial establishments in the town center and the town borders. It can be certified that the commercial situation in a town is very complex. It is directed by the municipality's politicians and national environmental quality goals as well as strong commercial- and real estate companies with private economical interest, which today have a big influence in the planning and building of these commercial establishments in the town borders. The description of the planner's role in this development is very hard to get a hang of. But the biggest influence seems to be the politic system that rules in a municipality. Conclusions concerning the commerce are its essential importance for the town. These commercial establishments that is happening in the town borders today does not consider the weaker inhabitants' interests and does not connect with the environmental quality goals.

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