Network governance in Sweden’s cybersecurity efforts– participation and power in policy forums

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Author: Kajsa Colde; [2020]

Keywords: cybersecurity; network; governance;

Abstract: This thesis aims to empirically describe the current network structure of forums and actors within the field of cybersecurity in Sweden. To discern and identify powerful actors and forums within the network. Also, the thesis studies the emergence of forums since the emergence and creation of forums previously have been neglected. Furthermore, it will describe collaboration opportunities between actors with different organizational types. For example, relationships taking place across different sectors, levels, and jurisdictions. A multimethod approach used to purposefully gather information about relevant actors through both online data collection as well as interviews with 17 actors in the network. Social Network Analysis and centrality measures used to provide an insight into the power structures in the network. The thesis finds that the question of how networks and forums emerge are still relatively difficult to answer since there is a wide variety of processes. There is little documentation regarding the initiative behind the forums.  Further, Sweden has a broad cybersecurity network with both public and private actors. However, there has been little cross-sectoral and cross-level collaboration through these forums. The observed power structures are also highly asymmetrical as there are a few dominant forums and actors within the network that in turn, can dictate and influence policy outcomes.

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