Connecting Tech Startups to Users : An Explorative Case Study of Dubble on Social Media Through the Duration of an Accelerator Program

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informatik och media


Tech startups use social media in an idiosyncratic way. Dubble, a tech startup, inducted into an accelerator program to grow their company, and potentially acquire investment. In a short period of time, Dubble grew their social media following exponentially. The engagement on Dubble social media channels helped to expand its brand community to a global audience of potential users. The concepts of social media, engagement, and brand communities enlighten the study. Through interviews, observation of the two-way engagement on social media, and document analysis, this explorative study seeks to investigate what expression tech startups and users create on social media. The findings include engagement strategies, as well as the sources of growth through the duration of an accelerator program. In a practical manner, this research answers questions many startups are seeking regarding their engagement on social media, and how to grow their brand community.

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