Redesigning a graphical user interface for usage in challenging environments with a user-centered design process

University essay from KTH/Skolan för elektroteknik och datavetenskap (EECS)

Abstract: Different possible interactions with computers is an ever-evolving topic and the usage of computers are more ubiquitous than ever. To design with the user in mind is not an easy task with regular use cases and interactions at hand. Designing for users in a military context can be even more difficult as the working environment of said users is demanding. This thesis sets out to investigate how a redesign of an existing GUI can reduce the impact of the contextual challenging environment of operating a software in terrain vehicles and in outdoor weather. For the redesign of the GUI a user-centered design process was performed. The process was initiated by using the method of contextual interviews and affinity diagram for data gathering and analysis, which gave a deeper understanding of the user’s issues and needs. After defining the different key elements for the redesign, a prototype was developed. The first prototype was evaluated by experienced users of the software out of military context. With the feedback from the users another developed version of the software was created and evaluated by current users of the software with an interview in military context. The evaluation showed that the users believed that the redesign of the GUI would help mitigate problems caused by the challenging context the software is used in, as well as improve quality of work.

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