Fault Diagnosis in Distributed Simulation Systems over Wide Area Networks using Active Probing

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Programvara och system


The domain of distributed simulation is growing rapidly. This growth leads to larger and more complex supporting network architectures with high requirements on availability and reliability. For this purpose, efficient fault-monitoring is required. This work is an attempt to evaluate the viability of an Active probing approach in a distributed simulation system in a wide area network setting. In addition, some effort was directed towards building the probing-software with future extensions in mind. The Active probing approach was implemented and tested against certain performance requirements in a simulated environment. It was concluded that the approach is viable for detecting the health of the network components. However, additional research is required to draw a conclusion about the viability in more complicated scenarios that depend on more than the responsiveness of the nodes. The extensibility of the implemented software was evaluated with the QMOOD-metric and not deemed particularly extensible.

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