Our Concrete: A New City Hall for Gottsunda, Uppsala

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur

Abstract: Gottsunda is a suburb to Uppsala where the settlement first and formost consits of multi-dwelling units built as a part of the Million Programme, surrounden by forest and with a large mall in the middle of it. Today the area is classified as ”an especially liable area” with high levels of unemployment and criminality. Still, there is a pride of the hiphop culture which has become huge in this suburb. The artists often sing about concrete, for example ”Sing a Song for Our Concrete”. All of this, is what my concept is based upon: how to use the pride, with concrete as the tool, to focus on the strengths of the community. This in turn makes possible an improvement in the area. In this project, there is an endeavor to use concrete as creatively and with as much variation as possible. The outside of the house is made rational and rectangular. The inside, in turn, is made more sculpturally with an organically formed atrium at the center. You can view the entire building as a meeting between the rational and the organic, just like you can view Gottsunda as the meeting between the Million Programme and the surrounding forest.

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