The Tree House Project

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur


To be truly rooted in my final degree project, I decided to go back to something that fascinated me as a child; To live among the trees. I remember trees standing out as individuals, as landmarks, and as architecture. Cultures all around the world displays importance in their relationship to trees, be it a source for shelter, food, symbolic references or playing as a child. This project explores the actual building process, when constructing something in a living tree. It turns into both a physical and mental challange. This project is divided into two main modes; (1) a research activity, and (2) a building action. The method is almost an intuitive one, being in the tree, at the construction site, as I both come up with design concepts, metaphores and physical solutions for the project. The conclusions are both sketches and real solutions as much as the actual final tree house experience. The site is situated about 10 km south of Uppsala, Sweden.

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