Video Consumption Online - The relationship between the sender and receiver of video clips

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

Abstract: Videos online has become an immense part of people’s internet consumption, and is bound to become even greater in the next few years. To discover what is affecting the spread of these videos, this study aims to investigate the relationship between the sender and receiver of video clips online. Thus, the research tried to identify what the incentives were for the sender to send video clips and how the emotions of the sender and receiver of video clips were affected. Moreover, from a marketing perspective, the study tries to find out how other aspects (video content, viral videos and brands) affect individuals who send and receive video clips. This was done by using a qualitative research method through interviews to identify the feelings, mindsets and behaviors of the respondents. The findings show that sending and receiving video clips work as an underlying communication tool. Other incentives and effects were the urge for sharing interests and appreciation and that both positive and negative emotions were featured. Additionally, different video content factors, virality and the level of relatedness to brands in video clips were shown to have an emotional effect towards video clips and the behavior afterwards.

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