Communication for Development in “Mithilanchal”

University essay from Malmö högskola/Fakulteten för kultur och samhälle (KS)

Abstract: ABSTRACT “There are many ways of conceptualizing development, ways that foreground economics, politics, culture, or a combination, and within each of those realms, ways that emphasize processes or structures or both and their relationships. Further, in some perspectives development is geographically inclusive, whereas in others the focus is the so-called Third World or developing countries and their aid needs”. (Wilkins, 2000, p.7) Considering the term ‘development’ in above quote, this thesis focuses on poverty and under-development prevailing in Mithilanchal region in India, the caste system which divides the society and its direct and indirect consequences. India, whether called a Third World country or a developing country, the difference between the developed and deprived regions can be well spotted and the aim of this thesis is to track how communication and other media tools have been helpful in development of society so far and then analyse how similar development can lead to more liveable society.The division of Mithilanchal region between the Elite and Mass led to control of Media by the powerful Elites. The flow of information was more diffusive (one-way / top to bottom) than participatory (both way) and with new media and ICT making its place globally, awareness increased along with the participation of people from different strata of society.This thesis explores on how instrumental media has been in enlightening the society over the period of time, what impact media and its various forms have had in everyday life of commoners and how people living in deprivation look up to the media for it to be more available and accessible.With the help of qualitative interviews and questionnaire surveys conducted in the region, the thesis concludes that people have had the benefit of media’s presence since long. Traditional - Communication media did leave impact on people’s lives and even today, those who live in these regions are looking forward to more economic, political and social development with the help of new media and ICT. The various positive transformations in unequal social structure brought out with help of communication is aimed to be discussed by the end of the thesis.

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