Study of Analytical Models for Harmonic Losses Calculations in Traction Induction Motors

University essay from KTH/Skolan för elektro- och systemteknik (EES)


This Master Thesis deals with the study of analytical and finite-element (FE) models for calculation of losses in traction induction motors. Motors are fed through inverters for this type of application. Therefore, both fundamental and harmonic losses are considered. The study is done with one particular motor and one initial analytical model. In order to validate the model and improve it, a FE model is developed with the tool FLUX 2D. Several chosen operating points with different modulation patterns are simulated both with FE and analytical models and results are compared. Stator and rotor Joule losses are studied first. A model to calculate stator Joule losses at strand level is proposed as an improvement to the current analytical model. Then iron losses, both in stator and rotor, are calculated. Two different computations methods with data extraction from FE are studied: the Bertotti model and a recently developed method called MVPRS in the report. It is based on a mathematical model for curve fitting of the core loss material data. Results with the two methods are compared with the ones from ana-lytical model. Finally total fundamental and harmonic losses are compared with measurements and conclusions are drawn on the quality and accuracy of the analytical model.

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