University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för geovetenskaper

Abstract: The consolidation of the wind power industry in the last years requires companies to optimize their performance of the delivery of the wind energy asset’s lifecycle they cover in order to stay in the market. The Asset Management Standard ISO 55000 is a general framework applicable for companies which work with infrastructure assets. As the delivery of wind energy assets is very specific in all aspects of its lifecycle delivery, the Thesis identifies that there is a need for an Asset Management framework which is specific for the wind power industry.This Thesis uses the ISO 55000 and PAS 55 as a base for the development of a wind power industry specific Asset Management framework. The focus is on the lifecycle delivery of the wind energy assets which it traces back to the other Asset Management (AM) aspects. The different wind energy asset’s lifecycle phases Pre-Study, Planning, Construction, Operation and Maintenance and Decommissioning are explained and appended with related working tasks as well as their relation to the overall AM framework. The other AM groups AM Strategy & Objectives, AM Decision Making, Organization & People, Asset Information and Risk & Review are given an introduction to the specific topics.Asset Management is found to be a useful instrument to improve overall company performance and should be considered to be implemented by companies in the wind power industry to bring down the Levelized Cost of Energy of wind power and gain competitive advantage also against fossil fuels as sources of energy production to replace them in a near as possible future.

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