Communicating corporate identity in international hospitality organizations: case studies of Scandic Hotels and Radisson SAS

University essay from Luleå/Business Administration and Social Sciences

Abstract: The aim of this study is to investigate how international hospitality
organizations (IHO's) are communicating its corporate identity. Issues
regarding corporate identity are crucial for the survival of IHO's, and if
it is managed well it will serve as a competitive advantage. Two case
studies are used to elucidate the research purpose: Scandic Hotels and
Radisson SAS. These two cases provide insights on how corporate identity is
managed in the hospitality industry. Information from both organizations
have been collected through interviews and are then evaluated
descriptively. How IHO's are planning its corporate identity communication
strategically from a managerial perspective will be described. The
findings shows that an organization's brand name is tha most important
visual tool for IHO's. However, the importance of using as many tools as
possible, together with the importance of consistent and coordinated
communication efforts following a red thread in order to transfer the
correct message, will be highlighted. Finally, how IHO's, mainly through
training, implement the corporate identity internally will be portrayed.
Furhermore, the usefulness of intranet for such training will be presented.