Case Events as an Employer Branding Initiative

University essay from Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: Purpose: To obtain an understanding of the phenomenon of case events in employer branding context. The emphasis is two-sided: to comprehend why companies organize and why students attend these events. Methodology: We executed a qualitative single case study with an abductive approach. The case company in focus was KPMG Sweden, and the scope was delineated to the firm’s case events Ace the Case and KPMG International Case Competition. Theoretical Perspective: The literature used has foundations in branding theory – more specifically within the fields of employer and corporate branding. These literature streams provide the basis for the empirical research and the new theoretical framework the paper introduces. Empirical Data: We collected our empirical material by conducting 12 semi-structured interviews with the case company representatives and students who had participated in KPMG’s case events. Findings: Based on our empirical findings, we propose that case events can be strategically utilized as an employer branding initiative. We identified the drivers behind case events from the company and the student perspectives. Their motivators are presented through the developed Corporate Case Event Matrix consisting of eight elements. To our understanding, the phenomenon of case events within employer and corporate branding has not been previously researched from the perspectives of both organizers and participants. The originality of this thesis derives from the unique approach to the topic as well as the novel framework guiding managers to implement case events more strategically regarding employer branding.

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