Super-Resolution Using Dynamic Cameras

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Datorseende

Abstract: In digital image correlation, an optical full-field analysis method that can determine displacements of an object under load, high-resolution images are preferable. One way to improve the resolution is to improve the camera hardware. This can be expensive, hence another way to enhance the image is by various image processing techniques increase the resolution of the image. There are several ways of doing this and these techniques are called super-resolution. In this thesisthe theory behind several different approaches to super-resolution is presented and discussed. The goal of this Thesis has been to investigate if super-resolutionis possible in a scene with moving objects as well as movement of the camera. It became clear early on that image registration, a step in many super-resolution methods that will be explained in this thesis, was of utmost importance, and a major part of the work became comparing image registration methods. Data has been recorded and then two different super-resolution algorithms have been evaluated on a data set showing that super-resolution is possible.

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