To See Possibilities – A Study of Advocates for the Undocumented Migrants in Sweden

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för socialt arbete

Abstract: The purpose with the thesis was to get a deeper understanding of the work which is performed for the undocumented migrants in Sweden by secular and Christian advocates.The study was conducted through seven qualitative interviews and through a qualitative study of four articles in Swedish newspapers. The main conclusion for the study was related to one of the central themes for the thesis; the potential priorities the advocates did in order to priority between the undocumented migrants. It was shown that priorities were made in one way or another and the relevance of the factors of proximity and possibilities for these priorities was emphasized. According to theory from Jones (1991), based in social psychology, could proximity be about cultural, psychological, physical or social nearness. It was also stated that both the society and organization could create preconditions for propinquity between the advocate and the undocumented migrant. Another crucial factor which influenced the priorities was possibilities. The advocates searched for possibilities for the migrants, both regarding the chances to get residence permit, and if that not was possible, the possibilities to return to the country of origin. The other central theme in the thesis was law. Theory from Alexy (2005) about philosophy of law was used to understand the empirical material concerning this theme. It was e.g. stated that there were different attitudes concerning free immigration. Some of the advocates were active proponents for no borders, while others saw it as something desirable, but in the current situation unrealistic. The study led to a draft to a theoretical model in order to understand the investigated phenomena. In this model it was e.g. shown how the factors of proximity and possibilities also could interact for the priorities the advocates did.

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