A light stimuli

University essay from KTH/Ljusdesign

Author: Sergi Estrella; [2022]

Keywords: Daylight; Dynamism; Perception; Stimuli;

Abstract: Light as a catalyst of undefined perceptual opportunitiesA light stimuli research will try to deepen into the relation between perceived spaceand daylight, understanding the importance of daylight compositions and the way that stimulates people. A research on how perception plays an important role in energizing spaces.Experiencing atmospheres (light+space+material) is vital to understand light in the space. Previous researches have put the main focus on the perceived spaciality and enclosure in relation to the distribution of light and to show how can space be shaped. However, daylight changes, together with architecture, are capable of modifying perceptively movement in the interior space, turning the static into dynamic.The study will relate perceptual theory with experiential studies, investigating the possibilities light has when experiencing a transitional space and establishing the common points that induces the user to movement. Will focus on the intangible from a qualitative and personal point of view, presenting the light effects that instinctively stimulate a change of position in space.

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